Executive Coaching

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What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching with Freda: Essential Career Coaching for High-Level Professionals.

Most come to me for:

  • Career Enhancement – more fulfillment, satisfaction, impact, empowerment
  • Support / Strategy Around Projects / Initiatives for which they are Responsible
  • Strategies for Career Advancement
  • Working through a Current Challenge
  • Exploring a Career Switch
  • Work – Life Balance

Who Works with an Executive Coach?

Professionals with significant work experience and responsibility seek career coaching. This includes:

  • High-Level Leaders of Companies, Non-Profits, or Other Organizations
  • Entrepreneurs or Business Owners
  • Professional Service Providers: Attorneys, Architects, Engineers, Pharmacists
  • Consultants
  • Directors and Managers

As with many of my clients, my executive coaching clients often are employed in one area, but have many other interests and talents, too – frequently of an artistic nature. They often question, despite their professional success, what their careers would look like if they had explored some of their other interests rather than the one(s) chosen. Part of the coaching we do focuses on how they can find expression of these gifts, either as vocation or avocation.

What topics might I discuss with an executive coach?

Being bypassed for promotion

How do you deal with the discomfort, in particular because your not being promoted is obvious to others in the organization, too. How do you maintain your integrity and authority? What are the opportunities for skill / personal growth?  How do you decide whether to stay with the organization? What other roles might you aspire to? And importantly, how do you hold on to your confidence?

Onboarding / moving into a new role (e.g., promotion or going out on your own)

You want to maintain the same level of expertise and authority, however, you are taking on tasks and roles that are new territory for you. How do you exude professionalism and confidence, when feeling vulnerable and unsure, yet still needing to deliver?

Managing the multiple challenges of running your own business

In addition to delivering your services, there is everything from the high-end visioning to the mundane – not to mention business development so the pipeline stays full. How do you prioritize? And how do you manage between projects – getting the work done that needs to be done, but also enjoying your time off?

Wanting more credibility

What do you do when you have the expertise but feel upper management doesn’t realize what you have to offer? How do you grab the attention of the executive team?

Working through a conflict in your current role

This could be with an employee, colleague, direct report, boss, client, board member. It could be a conflict with the nature of the work or role one is being asked to play. How do you deal directly with the situation while remaining professional?

Deciding when it’s time to leave a high-paying, but stressful job for a more fulfilling position

This will often mean a downshift in income. How do you explore whether it’s financially feasible for you? How will the change in compensation and status affect the way you feel about yourself? How do you frame your perspective so it feels less like “stepping down” and more like “opting out?” What might that new role and lifestyle be? How will this affect other responsibilities you have? If you have a family, how do you assess the impact this will have on them, and in what ways do you (or do you not) involve them in the decision? Ultimately, the question to ask is not just: “What are you leaving?” but “What are you choosing to move towards?”

What Executive Coaching Clients Say About Working With Freda

“Work has improved so much. I’m now one of the top performers in my office and have gotten several personal notes from our new General Manager! By learning more about myself, I am now better able to understand my coworkers and the undercurrents at work. I’m doing my job with the same high quality I always have, but now I’m seeing much more of everyone else’s thoughts and emotions, too. This has been very helpful in building alliances with my colleagues and gaining their respect for my expertise.”

Female, in her 30s, Chemist

“The higher you go in an organization, the fewer outlets you have to discuss your work situation. As you become a leader, you need to be careful whom you confide in. It’s helpful to have someone outside the organization to talk to. It’s helpful to have a place where you can lay it all out.”

Female, in her 40s, Communications Executive

“There is no owner’s manual in the glove compartment for the human psyche. I used this coaching as a reference. It gave me the tools to help me get done what I want to do.”

Male, in his 50s, IT Professional

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I invite you to contact me for a 90-minute introductory coaching session ($195.00). This will give you the opportunity to experience the value of coaching first-hand, and together we will discover if there is a mutual fit.

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The best way to determine if coaching will help you feel better about yourself and your career is to experience it. I invite you to signup for a 90-minute, Introductory Coaching Session. ($195.00)
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Looking for more fulfillment in your work or personal life? For tips, resources, and info on special events, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.
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