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Career & Life Coaching Workshops for Corporate, Non-Profit, Community and Volunteer Organizations

I am always excited to offer workshops to corporate, non-profit, community and volunteer organizations. My experience includes over 15 years of workshop design and delivery. I have served as an adjunct faculty member at St. Mary’s University in their Masters of Organizational Leadership program. Contact me to learn more!
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I can design a class to meet your needs, or you may choose from the following topics:

  • Write the next chapter in your Professional Autobiography ©
  • Career Re-invigoration Retreat / Sanibel Career Retreat ©
  • Career and life planning
  • Special issues women face on career re-entry
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Team building
  • Loss, healing and spirituality
  • Diversity

In addition, I am a qualified interpreter of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I have designed workshops around the following themes, doing an individual interpretation for each participant and then applying the results to topics, such as:

  • Career planning and the MBTI
  • Team building and the MBTI
  • Leadership and the MBTI

Participants Say

“Freda drew people out when they were at the start of a thought or idea, pulling things out further, so we could see them and hold them up to the light. She had a unique sense of when to say nothing, when to push, and when to ask so we could find out the answers we needed for ourselves as we tried to figure out what was important to us.”

Anna B., Female in her 30s

“Freda has skills and knowledge she is willing to share, but also expresses herself as a peer. She acknowledges that in every situation, we all bring our own unique accumulation of wisdom to the table, and she is open to that; in fact, facilitates that.”

Colleen S., Female in her 40s

From the very start, you had a masterful way of bringing down the wall between presenter and audience and got so much participation. We all felt comfortable with you. You broke down those interior defenses and shells that limit our thinking and possibilities. The points brought up in the workshop – both those that you mentioned and the ones that came up for me personally – have stuck with me for a long time afterward.

Male, in his 60s

The pace of the workshop was just right. Even during the down times, ideas continued to flow. Epiphanies continued to happen.

Female, in her 50s

Thank you for your insightful presentation this morning. I know ours was a tall order and you surpassed expectations!

Female, in her 60s

This was an ideal career check-in. Instead of doing the same thing, I have a purposeful direction to move forward.

Female, in her 40s

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Looking for more fulfillment in your work or personal life? For tips, resources, and info on special events, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.
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