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Coaching Testimonials From Women

“I am in my element now and I have you to thank. I am currently living in southern China teaching English. As I sit at a table of other English teachers from around the globe – France, Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland – I realize that I feel truly happy. Living here has taught me happiness from simplicity.”

Female, in her 50s, Former Executive

“Thanks for your help. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about applying for a job :)”

Female, in her 20s, Seeking employment while exploring which field of graduate study to pursue

“Talking to Freda is like a sounding board for the secret stuff. Not the naughty stuff! But the secret desires and dreams stuff.”

Female, in her 40s, Project Manager for Fortune 500 company who quit and launched her own business

“So practical and results-oriented. You met my needs perfectly!”

Female, in her 50s, Business Owner

“Always feel really good after our meetings – like I can conquer the day!”

Female, in her 40s, Executive

“I am going to give a speech on Friday about my experience with “My Life Coach”
So if your ears are burning it is because I am saying good things about you :)”

Female, in her 50s, Healthcare & Software, seeking a less stressful job

Coaching Testimonials From Men

“I was recently certified to do IT support. I also got a sub/short term teaching license. And, winter is upon us and I’ve been plowing. Like we figured out, a fluid and open approach to making money is probably going to be a part of my future. I feel good about where things are heading.”

Male, in his 20s, Feeling trapped by the notion of a day job / office job

“I can feel comfortable talking to you about the uncomfortable. I can’t thank you enough.”

Male, in his 30s, Variety of corporate jobs, returning to grad school in psychology

“Everyone should have a Freda in their life.”

Male, in his 20s, Hadn't finished college, but wanted to return

“I do have to say that your coaching had a great impact on me. It helped me to really make an honest effort in taking steps to change my life. Thanks.”

Male, in his 40s, Looking for work less physical in nature than current job

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