What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps people live their lives to the fullest – to articulate and realize their dreams. Many seek a life coach for career issues, but life coaches cover all aspects of one’s life. Reasons to seek a life coach include:

  • Career change /career fulfillment
  • Health and fitness / getting or staying in shape
  • Relationships – finding time to nurture them, dealing with conflict or breaking up
  • Breaking old habits and creating new ones (eg, procrastination or perfectionism)
  • Finding ways to make a difference / have an impact
  • Wanting more fun / enjoyment / pleasure
  • Overall well-being

Frequently Asked Life Coaching Questions

Why is it helpful to explore career issues with a life coach?

A life coach has a whole set of skills and techniques that lead to effective and successful coaching.

  • Life change often spurs career change.
  • Career coaching is most effective when looking at all aspects of a person’s life, not just their work life.
  • Career fulfillment happens when people feel the work they are doing expresses who they are at their core.
  • Life coaches have techniques that don’t just help clients dream, but also help them turn those dreams into action.

I don’t just help people figure out what they want to do – I help them figure out how to get there, how to navigate the inevitable obstacles, and how to make true change happen.

What does Freda offer beyond life coaching?

In addition to being a certified life coach, I have specific expertise in career coaching (including networking strategies, creative career exploration techniques, career assessments, resume development.) Most clients who contact me because they are seeking a life coach say they want to work on their career. Those seeking me for other reasons (eg, deciding whether to stay in a relationship or wanting to get in shape,) almost always end up working on career issues as well.

What life events / situations might connect to career coaching?

Birthday ending in “0”

Milestone birthdays often spur reflection and a desire to change. Clients tell me: I can’t believe I’m 50 and I’m still in this job! Or – Now that I’m turning 40, I realize I need to stop trying to please everyone else and start taking care of myself. Or – I’m 30 years old – It’s time to finally figure out what I want to do. Or – I’m 60 years old – It’s time to finally figure out what I want to do!!!

Children heading off to school

Whether kindergarten or college, many parents suddenly have more time and want to fill that with activities or work that gives them a new sense of purpose. I coach clients not only to find opportunities that are a good fit for them, but also to deal with the emotions that can arise around the passing of time and their changing role.

Divorce / Uncoupling

Regardless of who initiated, there are many emotions, not to mention other changes: routine, financial changes, possibly where you live or helping your children through this tumultuous time. This can also have an impact on career. Do you need to find or change work to increase earnings? Will a commitment to career help build a sense of identity that feels shaky? Is the stress of the divorce having an impact on your current work effectiveness? Career coaching and life coaching can help.

Death of partner / spouse

This is a devastating loss, and it can be helpful to have an objective, confidential source of support. Besides mourning and grief, there are details around finances, routine, possibly making changes in one’s home. In addition, there can be career implications. The surviving spouse may need to increase income, or may actually be able to be less dependent on earnings. Life coaching and career coaching together can provide emotional / tactical support and also help in exploring career possibilities.

Health issue

Some clients develop health issues which make it difficult to continue in their current line of work. Career coaching combined with life coaching can help.

Depression / anxiety

I am not a therapist, and not trained to be the sole treatment provider around serious or debilitating mental health issues. However, many of my clients experience depression and/or anxiety. Not only are some predisposed to these issues, but we live in a complex world! Depression and anxiety can be a by-product of a difficult work situation, as well as an underlying factor that can make it difficult to perform effectively at work. My clients and I discuss ways of coping with depression and anxiety as it relates to career. Many clients also work with a trained therapist or psychiatrist in addition to working with me.

Asperger’s / high-functioning autism

Clients on the spectrum often have unusual cognitive abilities, as well as interpersonal challenges. I help clients with Asperger’s navigate career – finding work that suits them, helping them interpret situations that arise at work that they have trouble reading, and assisting in developing productive life skills, such as time management.


Many clients landed here because of a spouse’s or partner’s job. I help people new to the Twin Cities adjust to their new home here, as well as offer career exploration and support.

Personal loss / surviving a close call

Many clients have had a recent experience that leaves them saying: Life is short. They see this as a wake-up call to seek more purpose, fulfillment, connection or joy in their life. This often involves career coaching as well as life coaching.

Change in financial status

In most cases this is an increase rather than decrease. Clients marry or receive a cash settlement through insurance or an inheritance. This opens up career options for them as they may choose to place more focus on fulfillment, rather than earnings, from their work.

Approaching retirement

Some clients stayed with jobs that felt less fulfilling than they would have liked, but were worth retaining because of the income, benefits and other perks. As they approach retirement age, their financial situation may be secure enough that they can choose new paths that bring more of the fulfillment they desire.

What Life Coaching Clients Say About Working with Freda, a Minneapolis Life Coach

“Your words of wisdom are a great help to me. That’s why I got a tape recorder to record them!”

Male, in his 20s, Computer programmer w/ Asperger's

“You have provided me the tools of thought and understanding and introduced gentleness in me in a way I have not known. I am practicing gentle techniques every day, every hour and every minute. Thank you for all of your help.”

Female, in her 30s, Manager considering starting a business, going through a divorce

“I was very concerned about today’s job climate and the gap in my work history. I was unable to even process how to get started. After working with you I have come to realizations that have me less stressed, confused and anxious. I know I will be an excellent employee for someone. I am in a better place.”

Female, in her 60s, Business manager who left the workforce during her divorce

“New job, better commute, home improvements, major decluttering, new friends and neighbors = finally moving on. Thanks for the assist.”

Female, in her 40s, Professional, recently widowed

“Thank you for helping me along my career / life path. I think you did some good work for me and I will try to water that over the next few months and see what grows.”

Male, in his 40s, Entrepreneur, children approaching college age
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