Why Work With a Life Coach?

Everyone goes through tough transitions. Sometimes, a compassionate, objective partner is just what you need to help sort it out.

Why not talk to a friend or family member?

  • You may feel you have no one to talk to.
  • Your issue feels too sensitive, personal or complicated.
  • Your issue feels so big that you don’t want to be a burden.
  • You want the attention all to yourself, without feeling you have to return
    the favor!

This is where a skilled life coach, career coach or executive coach comes in.

Especially a coach who is trained in the issues you are facing. A life coach will start with the issues at hand, and then go deeper to help you clarify your core values, your goals, and the steps you will take to get results.

I invite you to try an introductory coaching session to see if coaching is right for you. Sessions may be done over the phone, or at my office for those in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro.

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Looking for more fulfillment in your work or personal life?

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Coaching Testimonials

Career coaching for men and women, whether you are established in your career, starting out, or starting over.

Freda works with a diverse clientele, and they work in many industries: corporate and non-profit. They also include entrepreneurs, artists, service professionals, educators and more. Read about their coaching experiences here.

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As a man . . .
“As a man, the ‘old school’ is: If I don’t have my career and sense of direction in place, I’m weak, I’m ‘less than.’ It’s humbling to confront the fear and admit I don’t have it all together without falling apart. Talking to Freda was comfortable and easy. She listened, she didn’t judge, and she really cared.”

Male, 50 years of age, Medical Field

Allow me to live life to its fullest
“Be it issues of mid-life, empty nesting, marital status change, aging parents, career dissatisfaction, whatever! – Freda gets it. She listens and then gives me ideas to think about and assignments to challenge myself. These are the keys that open the doors that allow me to live life to its fullest.”

Female, 40 years of age, Accounting

I feel renewed
“It was great to meet with you today. I feel renewed. I have more energy. Thank you. I know that my communication most definitely did not move in a linear fashion, but at the end I saw connections, and it was useful for me.”

Female, 34 years of age, Real Estate

Freda Marver has helped hundreds of people and has been voted a favorite life/career coach for 3 years in a row.

Minnesota Women's Press, Magazine
Intro Coaching Session
The best way to determine if coaching will help you feel better about yourself and your career is to experience it. I invite you to signup for a 90-minute, Introductory Coaching Session. ($195.00)
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Looking for more fulfillment in your work or personal life? For tips, resources, and info on special events, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.
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