Coaching Rates

Career & Life Coaching Rates for Companies & Individuals

CORPORATE COACHING – employer pays

Six-month package: $9,000 – 12,000
Includes twelve 90-minute coaching sessions, materials, resources, and assessments if appropriate.

What is the first step?
Please contact me by phone (612) 922-4952 or email and we will discuss specifics. If you are an employer looking for a coach for an employee, and your needs align with what I offer, we will arrange a time for me to meet the employee to gauge fit.


Four-month package: $2,950
Includes eight 90-minute coaching sessions, materials, resources, and assessments if appropriate.

What is the first step?
Please schedule an introductory coaching session. This will give you a good sense for whether the way I coach will be a good fit for what you are seeking. The introductory coaching session is 90 minutes and costs $195.

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by individuals paying for their own coaching

Why are the corporate rates more expensive than the individual rates?

I believe coaching is a valuable service, but the corporate rates are more than many individuals are able to pay. Like most coaches, I offer a more accessible rate to individuals who are paying for their own coaching. 

Do you offer a sliding scale?

I don’t receive funding from outside agencies, so I am not able to offer a sliding scale. However, I am very aware that these coaching fees are out of reach for some individuals. Some of my clients have arranged for family members or friends to help them pay for their coaching. However, I know this is not always an option.

I fully understand that there are cases where people may receive great benefit from coaching but are currently unable to pay for it. For this reason, I am happy to work with up to five scholarship clients a year. They receive the individual-pay coaching package at a reduced rate. If you are interested in becoming a scholarship client, please contact me and be sure to let me know at the start of our conversation that you are interested in this option.

Can health insurance pay for my coaching?

I cannot be covered by health insurance because I am a coach rather than a licensed psychologist. However, sometimes health insurance providers offer a discounted rate to their members for life or career coaching. Please check with your insurance provider to see if this is an option for you. (I would not have access to this information; you would need to check directly with your provider.)

Can I pay for individual sessions rather than purchasing a package?

I have found that the work I do with clients cannot be accomplished in a session or two. By the time clients contact me, they are usually feeling significantly stuck, frustrated, or unhappy with their jobs – or lack, thereof. This is why I require that clients commit to working with me for several sessions so that we give the coaching enough time to start to see change happen.

What happens if I start working with you to find a job, and I find one – but still have sessions left in my coaching package. Can I get a refund?

While many clients have asked me this question, it rarely happens that someone finds a job that soon after we have begun our work together. When it has happened, I do not offer a refund – and, clients have always found the remaining sessions useful. Sometimes we use them to figure out what caused the dissatisfaction in the prior situation so as to minimize this happening in the new role. Another very positive use of these sessions has been onboarding – creating strategies to ease the transition from the old into the new role and optimize the chances for success.

You offer a four-month package. If I want to continue working with you after that, is that an option?

Absolutely! The cost for subsequent packages is priced lower than the initial package because at this point, it is likely that our focus is more on maintaining momentum rather than the more in-depth work of the earlier sessions.

May I talk with you first before committing to an introductory coaching session?

If you are interested in coaching, I am happy to have a ten to fifteen minute phone conversation. (I do not meet face-to-face for these initial conversations.) If it does feel like a possible fit, then the next step is an introductory coaching session. If it doesn’t or if you want to think it over before committing, that is fine. Also, if I realize that I am not a good fit for what you’re seeking, but I know of other resources, I’m happy to share those with you.

What kind of payment do you accept?

I prefer check but also accept credit cards or cash.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. Clients who pay for their own coaching can pay in one, two or three installments. A full or installment payment is due at the first session. Subsequent installment payments are made at specified sessions. (Payments are due at the time of the session, rather than being billed at a later time.)

How do I get started?

Please request an introductory session below and I will contact you to schedule a time. If you have additional questions, please call (612) 922-4952 or email

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Intro Coaching Session
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