Who Works With A Coach?

Anyone dealing with the “stuff of life!” My clients focus on career issues and personal life issues, which are usually intertwined.

Here is a sampling of issues:

Career Transition
  • New opportunities in one’s current field
  • Changing to a different field
  • Re-entry into the job market
  • Job loss
  • Starting a business/pursuing consulting
  • A promotion or new role (on-boarding)
  • Retirement
Life Transition
  • New relationships/marriage
  • Ending relationships/divorce
  • Having children/adoption/infertility (primary and secondary)
  • Empty nest
  • Retirement
  • Caring for an ill relative/loved one
  • Death/grief/death of a dream
Career and life transition combined
  • Re-entering the workforce after a divorce
  • Exploring careers out of town while caring for a family member
  • Adjusting one’s lifestyle following a change in jobs or income level
  • Celebrating your child’s career taking off, even if yours isn’t
My clients are:
  • Female and male
  • Adults – most between 30 – 60
  • Living across the US – from here in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, to Greater Minnesota, and beyond.
  • Multi-cultural – from Brazil, Kenya and Germany, as well as from the US
  • Both neurotypical and with Asperger’s / high functioning autism
How we work together:
  • Over the phone or in person (in Minneapolis), whichever the client prefers
  • Two 90-minute sessions per month
  • Emailing between sessions to share time-sensitive issues and successes as they happen
What all my clients share:
  • The courage to face change
  • The willingness to deal with emotions that can be uncomfortable
  • The desire to lead a life of one’s choosing

Intro Session

I invite you to try an introductory coaching session to see if coaching is right for you. Sessions may be done over the phone, or at my office for those in the Minneapolis – St. Paul metro.

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Together, we see results as clients move in the direction of their dreams.

Coaching Testimonials

Career coaching for men and women, whether you are established in your career, starting out, or starting over.

Freda works with a diverse clientele, and they work in many industries: corporate and non-profit. They also include entrepreneurs, artists, service professionals, educators and more. Read about their coaching experiences here.

All Testimonials

“I am in my element now and I have you to thank. I am currently living in southern China teaching English. As I sit at a table of other English teachers from around the globe – France, Ireland, England, Scotland, Poland – I realize that I feel truly happy. Living here has taught me happiness from simplicity.”

Female, in her 50s, Former Executive

“Thanks for your help. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about applying for a job :)”

Female, in her 20s, Seeking employment while exploring which field of graduate study to pursue

“Talking to Freda is like a sounding board for the secret stuff. Not the naughty stuff! But the secret desires and dreams stuff.”

Female, in her 40s, Project Manager for Fortune 500 company who quit and launched her own business

“So practical and results-oriented. You met my needs perfectly!”

Female, in her 50s, Business Owner

“Always feel really good after our meetings – like I can conquer the day!”

Female, in her 40s, Executive
Intro Coaching Session
The best way to determine if coaching will help you feel better about yourself and your career is to experience it. I invite you to signup for a 90-minute, Introductory Coaching Session. ($195.00)
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Looking for more fulfillment in your work or personal life? For tips, resources, and info on special events, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.
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