How Can Coaching Help?

Even after one session, clients report positive results.
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Here is how coaching can help:


“From our first session, I liked Freda. I liked how she read my body language. I was so excited to get going and see what we could create.”

Helping me find what’s inside

“I was so blown away. Freda is so intuitive. She picked up on things I wasn’t even aware of.”

A safe, non-judgmental space

“I can bounce things off Freda, and I know she won’t reject me.”

Practical ideas

“Freda asked, ‘Who have you talked to about this?’ And it got me thinking. By the end of our session, we came up with a list of people to call, I had deadlines, and I had a concrete plan.”

Getting unstuck

“There is such ease in being able to talk to Freda. The conversation flowed back and forth. This is huge for me. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel stuck.”

Helping you hear your own voice

“Freda condensed everything going on and I said, ‘Wow, you got that right!’ She’s good about wording what I said without setting up any defensive behavior. I just said, ‘Aha. Wow.’ “


“Sometimes I just need a ‘gut-wrenching’ laugh. When I have a session with Freda, between the two of us, we can usually come up with at least one great laugh!”

Gaining confidence in my own wisdom

“It was so cool. Freda asked me questions. I didn’t think I’d have any ideas. But I did know. I did have answers. There’s a lot inside.”


“When I told Freda I couldn’t figure out where I was, that I felt suspended, she suggested I ’embrace the suspension.’ I did, and afterward, that actually brought more action.”

Genuine affirmation

“I’ve been looking for a job for a long, long time. And the rejection is really hard. Freda is always excited to work with me. I feel her genuineness, and I can’t tell you how good this feels. It’s because she sees that ‘I am okay! I am of value!’. Working with Freda gives me the assurance that I will find an employer who is as thrilled to work with me as Freda is.”

Putting the pieces together

“Her coaching is so much more than what I expected. It’s reassurance. It’s feedback. It’s her giving me books and resources to check out. It’s realizing that ‘This just isn’t about me – there are many, many people dealing with this.’ There’s a lot of places I can draw from. I have lots of ideas, but it’s so nice to know I don’t have to figure it all out by myself.”

Ability to calm myself through stressful situations

“Anytime my stomach acts up, I can make it feel better by bringing up that calmness I felt at our session. It’s amazing because my stomach’s been bothering me for weeks, and now I have a way to calm it.”

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Looking for more fulfillment in your work or personal life? For tips, resources, and info on special events, please sign up for my monthly newsletter.
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