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What Career Coaching Clients Say About Working With Freda

“I met with my new department manager and we spent most of that time talking about my career path. She was encouraging and supportive of me trying new things and I’m considering a job swap to see if a different position would be a good fit for me. I have Freda to thank because I rarely give myself permission to be open about the things I want in life or in my career.”

Female, in her 30s, Corporate manager exploring other opportunities

“Great session today. I feel a great deal more optimistic having spoken with you.”

Male, in his 30s, Switched from tech support to marketing for a non-profit

“I came to Freda because of issues I’ve struggled with for years. This is a forum to sit down with a professional and verbalize it all, to take concrete steps toward fixing them. That was huge.”

Male, in his 50s, Wanting to leave current role in IT and exploring whether to find work in a new area

“Years ago when I knew my company was downsizing, I felt afraid – and like a victim. If I got laid off, how would I ever find anything else? I thought all I could do was this one tiny aspect of the business. Thanks to Freda, I’m in a much better position now. What I have isn’t a list of jobs. Rather, it’s job qualities I can look for. This helps me know how to market myself, too. I feel like I’m in control, and I like that!”

Female, in her 50s, Decided to stay in her current role in the Insurance industry

“Thank you for your advice and feedback in preparing for my performance review. It went very well and was more of an open discussion and I was able to communicate the key points you and I talked about.”

Female, in her 30s, Executive in the financial industry

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