Don’t look at this list!

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Don’t look at this list!

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Don’t look at this list!

               Okay, look at it – but don’t make any life decisions based on it! created a list of the best and worst careers of 2013. For their calculations, the criteria they used were: income, outlook, environment and stress.

What’s good about the list is that they tried to use a lot of different job characteristics rather than relying on only one or two factors.

What is problematic about this list – or with any list of this type – is:

  • A host of assumptions were made, and if the assumption doesn’t apply to you, then these rankings aren’t going to be valid for you. A striking example: the study assumed that if income and outlook are good, people will “accept lots of things that go with these jobs . . . good or bad . . .” Many of my clients come to me because they are NOT willing to put up with the stress and toxicity of their jobs, despite the pay.
  • By choice, the study limited the rankings to 200 jobs. How many jobs truly exist? Tough question! The Occupational Information Network (O*Net) currently lists 974 occupations.  I’m sure many of you will not find your specific job, or a job you had in the past, or a job you would like to pursue, on this list.

Why look?

It’s fun to see what jobs they have on there and how they rank. It’s also interesting to the read the posts that follow – and see whether you agree or disagree with them!

What to keep in mind?

If you are trying to get more out of your career, or to explore a new career, it’s important to look not only at what jobs are out there, but what are the components of a job that are important to you. The CareerCast study looked at income, outlook, environment and stress.

Which factors are important to you?

One of the most frequent comments I hear from clients is:  I want work that is meaningful. I want to feel that what I do makes a difference.

However, this is hard to pin down because what’s important to you is going to be different from what’s important to someone else.

If you want help clarifying which job attributes are important to you, or how to articulate what kind of work you could do where you feel you are making a difference, please sign up for my  free monthly email newsletter (see the right column of this page – near the top.) I will provide resources and exercises to support you as you ponder ways to find work more engaging and meaningful.

Here’s the list. Have fun!


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