Need some career sizzle? Listen to my radio interview.

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Need some career sizzle? Listen to my radio interview.

Earlier this month, I was interviewed on KLBB Radio by the founders of “Aging, but Dangerous” – a local organization recently featured in Time Magazine.

Jean Ketcham and Suzanne Bates’ organization “inspires, empowers and challenges women over 50 to self-fulfill, self-actualize and live their lives to the absolute fullest.”

Listen to my interview now.

The interview is in “The Sizzle” segment of the program starting at 16 minutes, 13 seconds into the program. If the link above doesn’t take you directly there, you can click or touch near the MIDDLE of the podcast.

Regardless of your age or gender, I think you’ll find the interview of interest, including the answers to these important questions about coaching:

  • Since coaching isn’t regulated, how do you find a good one?
  • What are some common themes you see in working with your clients?
  • How do you define coaching success, and what do clients get when they work with you?

Visit the Aging, but Dangerous website to learn more about their events, offerings and free membership for women who “are excited about these golden years when we have more freedom and wisdom to do new things.”

Wishing you a harmonious blend of bubbly joy and calming peace this holiday season!


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