Decision fatigue

Since the structure of our days has changed so dramatically over the past few months, many (myself included!) are overwhelmed by the number of decisions we face. Whether it’s how to structure working from home, exploring how to pursue causes that matter to us, or weighing options for staying at home with re-emerging outward again, we are flooded with choices to make, and can have trouble distinguishing between what’s an important decision and what really isn’t.

I googled: How many decisions do we make in a day?

The answers varied from 70 to . . . 35,000!!!

Here are ideas that can help if your decision-making muscle feels worn thin:

Minimize the number of decisions that have to be made

Put schedules / structures / habits / rituals into place so things go on autopilot. I know one woman who has a ritual of waking up, journaling, walking the dogs, then having breakfast. So by 9 am, she feels the day is off to a strong start and she hasn’t had to expend a lot of decision muscle to get there.

Make decision-making easier

Make decisions, especially important ones, when you feel freshest. For many, this is early in the day, after breakfast.

It can be helpful at the end of the day to look at the decisions likely to arrive the next, and try to schedule a time to deliberate on those, eg, I’ll work on “x” between 1 and 2 pm.

For gnarly decisions that take time to figure out, set a fixed amount of time you’ll focus on it for now, and “schedule” a time to revisit it so you’re not ruminating about it constantly. Tell yourself: I’ll spend 30 minutes on “y” today, and then I’ll revisit it next Tuesday.

Take breaks

When fatigue hits, do something to “reset.” This can include getting up and moving around, grabbing a piece of fruit and some nuts, meditating, or giving yourself permission to take 15 minutes to do nothing.

Remember: These are challenging times. There is no perfect way to do this. You matter because of who you are, not what you just got done.

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